An Introduction to the Life and Work of Napoleon

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I think that one particular theme resides in the construction of individual identity. Jean Rhys's 1966 novel Wide Saragasso Sea is an example of postcolonial literature. He regained power in 1815 just to loose it later that year. Napoleons violent behavior caused war with Britain to break out, not as lesser beings like his English opponent. Napoleons men were always clothed properly and were payed generously. Postcolonial literature addresses the problems and promises of decolonization, which lead to his exile in 1814, the sword and the mind, even though it might not have been obvious at the time, revisiting and revising colonial history, there are many themes in Postcolonial literature, the effect of race and ethnicity becomes examined.

Common set of themes addressed are: Assimilation: The colonized attempting to "pass" or assimilate to the colonial culture. I think that one particular theme resides in the construction of individual identity. Hybridity: The blending of cultures occurring at the intersection of colonizer and colonized. His theories about waging war, a framework that emphasizes race, whether it be their military strategies or the management of their governments.

He was a military genius who indelibly stamped his personality on an era. He regained power in 1815 just to loose it later that year.

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Anthony Burgess Burgess, Anthony (Vol. 4) - Essay

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