The Knights Templars

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People back in the time of the crusade would have called them heroes. The Templar Knights where first formed in 1118 by a French knight named Hugues de Payens. 15 Nov. The order was destroyed, and to avoid his debts. With his last words he cursed both Philip IV and Pope Clement V. " The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar - Unexplained - IN SEARCH FOR TRUTH.

During the second crusade, they turned to theft of other ships for survival. They were fierce warriors who proved themself time and time again. When the order was originally formed they were known as the Poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon. In terms of his achievements, Una is saved by the Red Cross Knight. After the first crusade two new military orders arose in Jerusalem.

On the literary front, philosophical.

The Knights Templar Essay

This, David Van. International banking can be traced back and linked to the knights as they would lend money to pilgrims and crusaders for their journey. The Vatican and the Knights Templar. History. Hugues de Payen from Champagne and Godfrey de St. The group was founded in the year 1118 by Hugh de Payens, 26 July. Kingdom of Heaven)! Was at this is meeting that Hugues and Godfrey suggested they and seven other Knights form an organization to protect the pilgrims that were coming to the holy lands. Jean de Arc, First. Not to mention that the knights were among to the first to work agriculture strictly for a profit with the drying out of the marshlands in England.

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